5 reasons you need to see our new Beauty
Lana Jones as Aurora, styled in a costume by Hugh Colman. Photography Georges Antoni

5 reasons you need to see our new Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty is arguably the peak moment of classical ballet, and we’re so excited that our Artistic Director David McAllister is bringing a new production to our stages in 2015. Here are five reasons why you should be excited too.

Fairies, princes, storybook characters, visions, a curse and a kiss! Our new production of The Sleeping Beauty will have all the enchantment of this age-old tale.

Tchaikovsky’s most complex and majestic ballet score has a frisson in every bar.

David McAllister brings his wealth of experience as a former principal artist and an artistic director to The Sleeping Beauty, a ballet that entranced him as a young boy.

Award-winning designer Gabriela Tylesova will realise David McAllister’s vision for a fresh and exquisite Beauty with a timeless, heritage look.

The Australian Ballet last performed The Sleeping Beauty in 2009, so our new production will harness the star power of the company as a whole new generation of dancers tackle iconic moments like the Rose Adage, the vision scene, the fairies’ variations and the Bluebird Pas de deux.

The Sleeping Beauty will have its world premiere in September 2015 as part of our Melbourne season, before travelling to Perth in October and Sydney in November. Ballets as exciting as this one sell out fast! Make sure you don’t miss out by purchasing a Season Package, on sale now. Perth tickets go on sale in early 2015. 

17 September 2014

The Nutcracker Hunt
Benedicte Bemet and The Nutcracker. Photography by Lynette Wills

The Nutcracker Hunt

Our intrepid Nutcracker doll has been adventuring around Melbourne in the lead-up to his starring role in Peter Wright’s The Nutcracker. In between rehearsals, the cheeky doll went AWOL to roam the city and post selfies to The Australian Ballet’s Instagram account. We asked our friends to help us find him, and over 2,000 people took part in the hunt for that rascally Nutcracker.

The Nutcracker doll is in #Melbourne preparing for his upcoming role in Peter Wright's 'The Nutcracker'. He is currently adventuring and uploading pictures of his journey here - @ausballet. See if you can guess where he'll turn up next! #NutcrackerhuntThe Nutcracker will be in Melbourne 12 - 25 Sept &  Sydney from the 28 Nov - 16 Dec. Get your tickets now!australianballet.com.auThe Nutcracker. Photography by Kate Longely

Being an adventurous type, the Nutcracker decided to explore Melbourne while he prepared for his role. Unfortunately he didn’t tell any of The Australian Ballet staff where he was going….

The Nutcracker is in town for his role in Peter Wright's 'The Nutcracker'. He wants to have an adventure and we're worried he'll get carried away and miss rehearsal. He just sent us this picture of his location. Will you help #TheAusBallet look for him? #Nutcrackerhunt See The Nutcracker: australianballet.com.au/thenutcracker#Melbourne #hide&seek #adventure

He was spotted near The Primrose Potter Ballet Centre, but quickly disappeared into the ether.

The Nutcracker has started his adventures around #Melbourne. He's sending #TheAusBallet pictures of his journey. Can you guess where The Nutcracker is? #Nutcrackerhunt

He mischievously uploaded pictures of his location to The Australian Ballet Instagram account to give us a chance to catch up to him.

The Nutcracker is looking for #love in #Melbourne. Do you know where he is waiting? We need your help to find him!Get tickets for you and a loved one to see our true romantic live on stage in #tabnutcracker – that should cheer him up! #NutcrackerhuntTickets: australianballet.com.au/nutcracker

Looking for love: he stopped by the Love Lock bridge at Southgate.

The Nutcracker loves music (especially #Tchaikovsky) so it was only natural he would try his hand at street performance. Can you pick which part of #Melbourne he is busking in? #NutcrackerhuntSee him live in his starring role in The  Nutcracker: australianballet.com.au/nutcracker

His love of music lead him to Degraves St, where he busked briefly with a band before continuing on his journey.

Our noble Nutcracker has hit the #Melbourne dating scene … only he’s finding it hard to speak to a lady one-on-one. Can you tell us where he might be? #NutcrackerhuntSee The Nutcracker live and experience the romance on stage: australianballet.com.au/nutcracker#tabnutcracker #love

He tried to meet a lady or two at Babushkas in Royal Arcade, but didn’t stay long …

Trying to escape from the rat race, The Nutcracker has met some local Melbournians. Do you know who they are? #NutcrackerhuntSee The Nutcracker live and escape the everyday: australianballet.com.au/thenutcracker#adventure

He was caught up in the rat race near Bourke Street with the Three Businessmen.

Famous for its small boutique venues, #Melbourne is pulling out all the stops to charm The Nutcracker. Can you tell which doll-friendly establishment he is in today? #NutcrackerhuntSee the Prince of the dolls on stage: australianballet.com.au/nutcracker

He spent some time at The Butterfly Club, establishing his rank as the Prince of the Dolls.

Performance time is not far away and The Nutcracker needs to pick up some new ballet shoes. Where is he doing his shopping? #NutcrackerhuntSee him dance on stage in a role that was made for him:australianballet.com.au/thenutcracker

He popped by Bloch for a new pair of dance shoes.

Time for a bike ride on a wintery day! The Nutcracker seems to be enjoying the view instead of pedaling. Can you tell where he has stopped to rest? #Nutcrackerhunt Uncle Drosslemeyer would probably say “no rest for the wicked”, especially if you want to see The Nutcracker live! australianballet.com.au/thenutcracker#TABNutcracker

We caught him napping in a red bicycle on Southbank before he pedalled quickly away!

The Nutcracker has had a busy week and has decided to unwind with some relaxing piano. He's a known musical genius so he doesn't need music sheets. Can you tell us what he is playing? #NutcrackerhuntCome and see the talented Nutcracker live onstage:australianballet.com.au/nutcracker#ballet #tabnutcracker #music

He uploaded a picture of himself playing the piano at The Butterfly Club.

The Nutcracker has been busy these last few weeks in #Melbourne. He's been adventuring around the city having the time of his life!  With The Australian Ballet's production of The Nutcracker opening next week we need to find him - fast! Can you tell us where he is?#Nutcrackerhunt #Tabnutcracker #qantas #adventures #inbetweenMelbourne

We nearly caught him snacking on some delicious macarons at The Little Royal.

Luckily, he’s reappeared just in time for tonight’s opening of The Nutcracker at Arts Centre Melbourne. Did you help us on the #NutcrackerHunt?

12 September 2014

Join us for World Ballet Day LIVE!

We are thrilled to announce that The Australian Ballet will be joining four of the world’s premier ballet companies in a new online initiative, World Ballet Day, on Wednesday 1st October.


9 September 2014

Rehearsing The Nutcracker
Cristiano Martino. Photography Lynette Wills

Rehearsing The Nutcracker

Our studios are jumping with lively puppets, sweet Claras, and all the rhapsodic moments of the world’s most popular ballet. Opening night in Melbourne is next week, and we’re excited to lift the curtain on this sublime production of The Nutcracker!

Don’t miss out on tickets – they’re waltzing out the door!

Brooke Lockett. Photography Lynette Wills

Brooke Lockett. Photography Lynette Wills


2 September 2014

Ballet Men
Artists of The Australian Ballet rehearsing Stephen Baynes' Swan Lake. Photography Lynette Wills

Ballet Men

Let’s hear it for the boys! Ballet dads driving round their dance-mad kids, guys joining girls at the barre, the fabulous men of The Australian Ballet … we love you all! We’re kicking off every Monday by celebrating our favourite ballet men – why not join us by sharing yours on our Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, using #balletmenmonday?

Here’s some inspiration: our male dancers in all aspects of their artistry, from pyrotechnic technique to princely charm to tender partnering.

Ty King-Wall in Stanton Welch's La Bayadére. Photography Lynette Wills

Ty King-Wall in Stanton Welch’s La Bayadére. Photography Lynette Wills


La Bayadére: Stunning on stage
Jessica Fyfe. Photography Lynette Wills

La Bayadére: Stunning on stage

The explosive technique, fever-hot drama and delicate beauty of La Bayadére has captured Melbourne’s heart. The Australian says that Stanton Welch’s version of the ballet “makes a worthy contribution to The Australian Ballet’s repertoire and reveals a company at the peak of its dance powers.” The Herald Sun says of the Kingdom of the Shades scene, “It is ensemble work of the highest order – a ballerina’s dream and an audience’s delight.” The Age adds, “the corps de ballet handle the challenging parade of arabesques beautifully.”

Don’t miss it! Tickets are selling fast.

Brett Chynoweth. Photography Lynette Wills

Brett Chynoweth. Photography Lynette Wills


1 September 2014